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Autoimmune liver diseases include autoimmune hepatitis (AIH), primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) and primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) and overlap syndromes among these disorders. In approximately 98% of AIH patients, antinuclear antibodies (ANA) can be found either in isolation or in combination with antibodies against:

  • Smooth muscles (SMA)
  • Actin epitopes
  • Liver-kidney microsomes (anti-LKM1)
  • Liver-pancreas-specific or soluble liver antigen (Anti-LP/SLA). Typical for AIH
  • Is also the increase of serum IgG globulins

PBC is characterized by the presence of antimitochondrial anti-M2 antibodies, which target the antigen alpha-ketoacid dehydrogenase complex of the inner mitochondrial membrane. The antibodies are detectable in 95% of patients. In the rare anti-M2-negative PBC patients, other PBC-specific antibodies can usually be detected (eg. antibodies against “nuclear dots” (anti-SP100), centromere or nuclear membrane). The increase of serum IgM globulins is a characteristic of PBC.

In PSC, although antibodies against granulocytes (pANCA) are described these are only present in about 70% of PSC-positive patients and - depending on the method - are even detectable in autoimmune hepatitis and vasculitis. The diagnosis must therefore focus primarily on the detection of intra-or extrahepatic bile duct changes by ERCP.

The detection of specific autoantibody profiles in patients with an unclear chronic liver disease diagnosis is therefore useful for the early diagnosis of an autoimmune process, and often also allows the discrimination between infectious and toxic processes.

IMTEC-Liver Screen S
ELISA for the Quantitative Determination of Antibodies in Autoimmune Liver Diseases (IgG) | 96 Tests ITC66005 
IMTEC-Liver Profile S
ELISA for the Quantitative Determination of Antibodies in Autoimmune Liver Diseases (IgG) | 96 Tests ITC66105.
ELISA for the Quantitative Determination of Anti-mitochondrial-Antibodies M2 (IgG) | 96 Tests ITC60040 
ELISA for the Quantitative Determination of Anti-SP100-Antibodies (IgG) | 96 Tests ITC66040 
ELISA for the Quantitative Determination of Anti-LKM1-Antibodies (IgG) | 96 Tests ITC66050
IMTEC-SLA-Antibodies (cut off)
ELISA for the Detection of Anti-SLA-Antibodies (IgG) | 96 Tests ITC66060
Line Immuno Assay (LIA) for the Detection of Autoantibodies in autoimmunen Liver Diseases (AMA M2, Sp100, LKM1, gp210, LC1, SLA) | 24 Tests ITC66205
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