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HumaStar 300 Automated Analyzer

Medium-Throughput Random Access Clinical Analyzer 230/110 VAC

HUMAN´s automated analyzer range features instruments suitable for entry-level to medium-throughput automation. All automated analyzers are optimized for use with HUMAN reagents. Reagent refrigeration, continuous programming and sample loading on our advanced analyzers ensure efficient operations. Applications for HUMAN multipurpose and most immunoturbidimetric reagents are pre-programmed on the instruments.

HumaStar 300 is the reliable solution for mid-sized laboratories with optional internal barcode readers for reagent management automation.

REF 17901S


  • Up to 300 tests per hour (w/o ISE)
  • 30 reagents on board
  • Continuous programming and sample loading
  • ISE module for Na, K, Cl (optional)
  • Barcode reader for reagents (optional)
  • Windows XP
  • 230/110 VAC


  • ISE modul complete
    REF 17903S
  • Barcode reader for sample
    REF 17907S
  • Barcode reader for reagent
    REF 17908S
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