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Elisys Duo

HUMAN's automated ELISA analyzers cover the requirements of small to large ELISA laboratories. Full automation is available for 1 , 2 or 4 plates with different test combinations on each plate. Sample barcode reading for secure, automatic sample identification is standard on the larger instruments. All HUMAN ELISA tests are pre-programmed and additional applications can be added any time.

Fully Automated ELISA Analyzer incl. UPS

Two Plate Fully Automated ELISA System | 230/100 VAC
REF 17200


  • Optimised for medium throughput segment
  • Up to 3 plates simultaneously
  • 180 HUMAN/IMTEC ELISA tests available*
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland


  • Disposable conductive tips
    300 ┬Ál
    REF 16300/10
  • Disposable Conductive Tips 1100 pcs
    REF 16300/11
  • Deep well dilution plates
    REF 17200/250
  • Deep well dilution plates
    REF 17200/255

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