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HumaClot Duo plus

HUMAN's compact, maintenance-free and economical instruments are suitable not only for reagents offered by HUMAN, but also for a variety of additional hemostasis parameters. Easy programming and application is guaranteed. An optional printer and electronic pipette are also available for added convenience.

Fully Automated ELISA Analyzer incl. UPS

Two Plate Fully Automated ELISA System | 230/100 VAC
REF 17200


  • Optimised for medium throughput segment
  • Up to 3 plates simultaneously
  • 180 HUMAN/IMTEC ELISA tests available*
  • Engineered and manufactured in Germany and Switzerland


  • Disposable conductive tips
    300 µl
    REF 15651/60
  • Disposable Conductive Tips
    1100 µl
    REF 15651/20
  • Deep well dilution plates
    REF 17200/250
  • Deep well dilution plates
    REF 17200/255
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